About the Programme


The programme is full for 2019 but we hope to run the programme again in 2020!  If you are interested please complete the details on the page marked ‘Interested?’ and we will contact you with more information.  Its never to early to ask 🙂

Ethical Healthcare Consulting CIC are proud to offer this leadership programme, aimed at women in middle to senior positions working in a digital health and care environment who have the drive and ambition to make a difference and aspire to a more senior professional leadership role.  You might be working for a supplier, in the NHS or another care sector and aspire to do great things.  You might feel that a programme that focusses on the challenges in this environment and how you personally deal with them is just what you need to help you to achieve your ambitions.

We know that 47% of the general workforce are female, yet only 16% of IT specialists are women (Recruitment International, Wilson , 15 August 2015).   We also know that diverse teams create better outcomes, with at least one female board member, organisations yield higher return on equity and higher net income growth than those that do not have any women on the board (Why Diverse Teams are Smarter, Rock and Grant, HBR 4 Nov 2016).  In other words it makes business sense to have strong female leaders at the table.

The programme will be run as a collaboration between Ethical Healthcare Consulting CIC and One Health Tech and aims to support the wide network of women with an interest in health technology.

Who is this programme for?

You will be a woman working in health technology or health and care data who aspires to lead.  You might come from a wide range of professional disciplines for example you might be a programme manager, clinician, senior business analyst, developer, and so the list goes on – what’s more important is that you have the right appetite for a focussed senior leaders development programme and a drive to succeed. You could be working in a middle management role, or a clinical role, and feel you have more to give. This programme is designed to create a space for you to reflect on who you are as a leader, to discover your strengths, to think about who you want to be as a leader, and to identify your own opportunities for growth. The programme provides a great learning environment, with a balance of support and challenge, to help you develop your personal learning agenda and design and run learning experiments that will help you grow as an authentic leader.

Self Directed Learning

This programme is based on the simple idea that you are best placed to identify your strengths and weaknesses and decide what you want to work on.  Working with the programme team and external partners you will explore your strengths and identify your learning needs to co-design a programme that provides challenge, inspiration and support and has real impact on you as a leader.  We believe that to develop as a leader is to develop as a human and that is the space we will be helping you to explore.


We believe in the power of coaching to accelerate your personal leadership journey and a core element of the programme is individual coaching sessions that thread through the entire programme.  We have extensive experience of coaching leaders and helping them to make the most of their development opportunities.

Action Learning

Action learning is a powerful development tool that enables you to take charge of your own learning.  In our experience it is consistently rated as one of the most effective means of supporting individuals to learn positive challenge, active listening and supportive development amongst leaders.

Development Towards Masters Qualification

Lancaster University offer a unique opportunity to accredit learning from the programme towards an Masters Programme.  Applicants need to demonstrate that their learning from the programme has been at Masters level by the production of a reflective learning account with evidence of specific elements of the programme.  This learning account will be formally assessed to decide how many masters credits it will attract.  This can then be used by applicants as credits to access a formal masters qualification.


The programme will commence on 21/22nd May and include 8 modules, 3 action learning sets and 3 hours per participant of personal coaching.


The programme will be held in Leeds at a venue close to the station.


The programme costs £4000 plus VAT which includes the overnight stay for the introductory module.