Partners and Friends


The programme is supported by One HealthTech
One HealthTech is a grassroots community that supports and promotes women and other under-represented groups to be future leaders in health innovation.

These are the individuals who believe in what we are doing and give their personal support:

Rachel Dunscombe, Director of Digital – The Northern Care Alliance NHS Group,
CEO of the NHS Digital Academy, Visiting Professor Imperial College

“I am delighted to be supporting the delivery of this programme for women leaders. My belief and experience is that the most productive work environments are those with true diversity. While I have seen an increase in women moving into leadership in recent years we need to accelerate this journey – allowing our true talent to be at their best. This programme will support those future leaders to emerge and help us accelerate the transformation of health and social care.”

Rob Shaw, Deputy CEO, NHS Digital

‘Women are still under-represented in technology and the value they can bring is significant. Women play a strong role in many successful teams and the best delivery teams I have been involved in have included a good mix of gender and ethnicity. Until we harness this talent and have a diversity of ideas and experiences in technology, we will not reach our full potential. This is the same for all levels and professions, from engineering to security and from apprentice, to the board room.’