The course content and timetable

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Participants are asked to complete the CliftonStrengths Assessment from Gallup. The aim of the assessment is to identify participants’ unique talents and to start to explore how to use these to maximum benefit in their work.

Participants are asked to complete a 360 degree assessment to be used in the coaching sessions.

Module 1: Introduction and residential component

3rd June

The first module starts by the group meeting late-afternoon for an introduction to the programme, followed by dinner with a speaker.
The following day will explore the results of the CliftonStrengths assessment, guiding participants through an exploration of ‘what makes them tick’, how to get the best of self, how to get the best of others, and how to use strengths to mitigate weaknesses.

Module 2: Exploring issues of gender and diversity and influencing for impact

3rd July 2019

Building on module 1 participants will use insights they have developed to consider issues of power as they relate to the workplace. The group will be encouraged to consider the dilemmas which face women in the digital health field and the conflict it can generate personally and professionally. The focus will be on developing understanding and strategies to authentically lead and influence using power to best effect.

Module 3: Masterclass

8th August 2019

This module invites three key system leaders into the room to explore their leadership style and impact. It Chatham House Rule, so it’s a chance to explore with them their personal experiences and leadership approach.

Module 4: Innovative thinking and design thinking

6th September 2019

It has never been more important to understand the principles of design thinking and how you can use these approaches to co-create solutions to problems, working with the people who are impacted by them. Equally innovation has a key role in leadership. This module helps participants to apply these tools and techniques that enable leaders to deal with complexity and change.

Module 5: Business thinking and marketing

8th October 2019

Understanding the context of how organisations work, and function, is an important leadership skill. This module starts to explore the organisational context leaders work in, and the role of strategic thinking, marketing, and influencing in proactively developing and communicating ideas and solutions.

Module 6: Leading in complexity

5th November 2019

The world is a complex place which leads to challenges for leaders where they are dealing with unpredictability and uncertainty. There is much talk of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity), but what can we do about it? This module will explore how to lead in these complex times.

Module 7: Leadership learning

6th December 2019

By this stage in the programme, we expect that participants will have learned a lot, and had the opportunity to apply the learning. This module is an opportunity to dive deep into self-directed learning, to explore individual learning agendas, and to ensure that the learning journey continues beyond the end of the programme.

Module 8: Story of our learning

Date to be determined

The final module is a look back over the year and a celebration of learning. Participants will be encouraged to look forward and plan their next year but also share with invited guests their personal highlights.

Coaching sessions

Participants will be asked to book a coaching session with a coach. In this they will start to explore the results of their 360 feedback coupled with their talent assessment. During the 9 months of the programme they will be encouraged to have 3 coaching session where they focus on their own development and learning.

Introduction to action learning and action learning sets

In this session the group will learn about how to work together in an action learning environment, exploring the theory and the practice.  There will be three action learning sets as part of the programme.